Genesis Software Innovations, GSI, was formed with the purpose of developing innovative and integrated software tools focused around surgical centers in the orthopedic space.

Our foundational software platform will enable surgical centers to achieve best-results by managing everything involving orthopedic procedures from preoperative planning through scheduling the operation and finally to follow-up.

Our software will also make the experience for the patient more interactive.

For instance, when someone comes to a surgery center saying their knee doesn’t feel right, we envision this software guiding the patient and the surgery center in determining if this person is a candidate for surgery.

If surgery proves necessary, the software will help the patient become comfortable with what the surgery will involve by demystifying the process. Lastly, the software will be useful in walking the patient through what was accomplished through the surgery.

Additionally, a significant benefit for the center will be having useful data available on what was achieved.

Surgery centers need to be efficient with their operating room time. We plan to provide them with the tools necessary to streamline the entire process while also helping them achieve best-results.

We envision our software as an enabler that is part of a larger ecosystem of the surgery center’s workflow, helping them become more efficient to meet the increase of patient flow into those centers.

The primary surgical planning tool will focus on the shoulder and knee surgery space.

Meet Our Team

Several of the founders of Genesis Innovations Group are using their decades of expertise to drive this new company.

Rob Ball is GSI’s shoulder expert.

Don Running is leading R&D, and is our expert in the knee field.

Matt Ahearn is providing financial leadership.

Matt Miller is leading software development.

Matt comes to GSI with a lifetime in software development. His former projects include writing software for large automotive products, starting his own development company, and leading large international software teams around the world.