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3D Pre-Operative Planning Software

PreView™ Shoulder from Genesis Software Innovations has its 510(k) clearance. We are partnering with Shoulder Innovations to provide our advanced planning software that gives shoulder surgeons the insights they need to clearly understand and navigate the surgical procedures they will perform well in advance of the day of surgery.
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“Designed by surgeons for surgeons”

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Gain clarity and insight

PreView™ Is About Visualization

PreView™ allows you to visualize all of the details you need to see in 3D using CT data. You can completely plan the procedure down to the most minute details and have a very clear idea of what you might face during the procedure.

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Innovating for the Future

PreView™ Is Not Just Shoulders, It's a Platform

The future for PreView™ is extremely exciting because we envision it in many anatomies. Great innovations often begin in the abstract, but in order to realize the potential, all great ideas must be implemented concretely. While the shoulder is the anatomy where this technology begins, we built PreView™ as a platform. Different from other orthopedic planning software, it is made to be abstracted to whatever anatomies will benefit from it. This is a revolutionary approach that makes it possible to allow surgeons of many different disciplines to take full advantage of what PreView™ has to offer–lighting the way to fully understanding every patient’s individual case long before the procedure begins.

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Meet the Team

R. Sean Churchill, MD, MBA

Executive Director, Genesis Innovation Group

Matt Miller

Senior Director

Brandon Florence

Product Manager / Director of Education, Shoulder Innovations

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